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March 7, 2024

Living Colour and Extreme Rock Bellwether: A Night of Musical Mastery

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Living Colour and Extreme delivered electrifying performances at Bellwether, proving the undying appeal of rock music and celebrating its rich heritage.

On an electrifying Wednesday evening at Bellwether, the site of Prince’s former Glam Slam West club, two iconic bands, Living Colour and Extreme, delivered performances that proved their enduring legacy in the rock music scene. The venue, renowned for its excellent acoustics, provided the perfect backdrop for a night filled with classic hits and new favorites.

Reviving the Spirit of Rock
Living Colour kicked off the night, making full use of the Bellwether’s acoustics. Frontman Corey Glover’s powerful vocals, combined with Vernon Reid’s guitar genius, set the stage alight. The band’s setlist was a mix of classics like “Love Rears its Ugly Head” and “Cult of Personality,” alongside a moving tribute to Prince with a cover of “Nothing Compares 2 U.” The performance also included a medley in homage to rap legends, demonstrating the band’s versatile musical range. It’s clear that even 40 years after their formation, Living Colour’s sound remains as impactful as ever.

A Perfect Pairing with Extreme
Following Living Colour, Extreme took to the stage, presenting a perfect blend of funk rock elements that complemented the night’s earlier performance. Nuno Bettencourt’s and Gary Cherone’s dynamic presence, along with the rhythm section’s funk influences, created a captivating show. Their set, a mix from their extensive discography including their latest album “Six,” showcased their musical evolution while still paying homage to their roots. Hits like “More Than Words” and “Get the Funk Out” had the audience fully engaged, highlighting Extreme’s ability to connect with fans new and old.

A Night to Remember
The evening was more than a concert; it was a celebration of rock music’s lasting appeal. Both bands, through their performances, showcased their unique sounds while honoring their shared musical heritage. As fans left the Bellwether, the air was filled with a sense of having witnessed something truly special. This event not only highlighted the talents of Living Colour and Extreme but also underscored the enduring power of live music to bring people together.

The Bellwether, with its rich history and modern updates, proved to be the ideal venue for such a memorable night. Fans of rock music, whether they’ve followed these bands since the beginning or are just discovering their music, were reminded of the genre’s vibrant energy and its ability to evolve while staying true to its roots. As the music industry continues to change, nights like these serve as a reminder of the timeless nature of great music and the magic of live performances.