64 comments on “The Official “King of the Ladies” Video

  1. Hector G

    WoW, WoW. I’m very happy to see you guys back and in what a form. Is like back to the Pornograffitti days. I was still a kid and damn happy. Now I’m happy again.
    I just post into my FB that I will see my 3 kids doing that and will not be mad and will said. You kids extremelly rock…hahahah
    Up Extreme for ever!

  2. Carlos in O.C.

    WOW!! What a party, and what girls… too bad I wasn’t invited!? :(

    Saw you guys a little over a year ago and you guys rocked!!

  3. Sarah

    waaah!!!! EXTREME can make a party like that 4 my 18’s birthday? *please~please~* XD
    i have to stop dreaming!! >.<‘

  4. Steve

    Hey, Great solo Nuno… But the rest of the song lacks the Extreme I once knew! Sorry guys.. From another brother from Mass. Get back to the roots!

  5. christophe

    nuno and gary gotta stay to gether brothas i’m a fan from the first album but now it’s cd’s tech i say what the fuck .ha ha but i am also a musican and was trained at one point by Reggie Wu (from Heavens Edge” back in the 80’s ,but Nuno you were my man in the early 90’s not gay in any way not that there is any thing wrong with that lol .i’m just sayin you are an awesome guitarist and you and gary together are great at the whole harmony of it

  6. BrendaMidnightMoon

    I’ve never wanted to be at a backyard party so badly in my life; looks just like sooooo much fun! And …. Was there ever a time when Nuno wasn’t King of the Ladies? I don’t think so. Please come back to Cleveland soon; miss you, need you, want you. Extreme rocks!

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