11 comments on “The Annual Bettencourt’s & Friends Jam on 11/23

  1. Fivefifteen

    Hey, some news!!! So this site is not “dead”… Well, Nuno&Co, what’s up? You miss us, and you know that.
    Bruno from France

  2. lolita

    Hey, I love you guys and you need more albums and one more tour. Please we miss you!!!

    P.S.: I am from portugal!!!!

  3. Paul D.

    I really thought with the quietness that we would hear about a new album in the works, or a new tour, or maybe even Gary grew his hair back. But nothing yet, and I saw Nuno last week on SNL with Rihanna. I really hope he isnt doing another tour with her. Its a great gig for Nuno, but not Extreme fans. Lets go, and get the band jammimg again please.

  4. Brian

    Love that these guys still play locally. Saw them in Hudson a fews years ago, and also in Lowell. Both shows were great, and they really interact with the crowd on a 1:1 level. Definately recommend it if you can go. Great memorable nights meeting some rock gods!

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