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  1. Steve G (UK)

    My order arrived today!
    Thank you guy’s for an awesome album, can’t wait for my DVD to arrive!
    Don’t leave too long to come back and see us in the UK!


    When will it release in
    You Extreme promised that
    you’ll be back soon in
    Korea!!(I’m korean)
    We can’t wait, Extreme!!!
    We all want to see it
    as soon.

  3. Jennifer

    Got it in Holland last Thursday. Phenomenal! The show translated extremely well onto DVD. It was like being there all over again. It was a great, great night and it’s nice to be able to revisit it whenever I want to. The videos are fabulous! To those of you who don’t have it yet, it’s definitely worth the wait! You will not be disappointed!

  4. CyNiCaL

    I went into a fairly large, well known music store(His.Masters’.Voice lol) here in Glasgow, Scotland, asked the guy if they had the DVD & he said “We’re not getting it in i’m afraid. I’d try one of our larger stores” – the store i tried is like a warehouse!! How much bigger does the place have to be?!! Anyway, hopefully i’ll have my hands on a copy of the DVD tonight as i’ve asked my Mum to go into one of their “larger stores” for me today. Mum’s are great aren’t they? lol

    Brian >:oD

  5. Michael

    A brilliant, brilliant DVD! I am not one to buy live DVD’s that often, however, after going to the show in London (on my birthday) in November 2008 – I was extremely (no pun intended) delighted that they still rocked live (as they did the previous time I saw them in 1991, and 1992 at the Freddie Mercury Concert) – and this DVD is testament to the fact that Extreme rock. Still. End of. Great stuff!

  6. Leticia

    woooow I am very very happy to know that he was finally released!
    I really want you, come of its own in Brazil, I’m very big fan of all, and not wait to hear the songs of the new cd!
    Love you all … Forever
    Nuno ♥
    Gary ♥
    Pat ♥

  7. Big Phil Clarke

    Yes at last i can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I heard a line CD was to follow hope thats true. EXTREME RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. titti

    Today i saw “take us alive”..i am happy but sad at the same time because i missed the concert in Milan..i didn’t know the band was back…please come in italy in the next world tour i
    won’t miss it!vi voglio bene!

  9. Markus

    Thank you. saw you guys at the Astoria in London. This Show is fun to watch. You have fun playing and that shows, the sound is great. Be proud.

  10. Anthon

    I’ve got the DVD over a week ago, last week’s tuesday. I’ve been seen it now 3 times, and it’s even gettin’ better!!!

    Now I hope so much that band will tour around Europe inc. FINLAND!

  11. Wendy from NYC

    And here in the states we wait with baited breath for May 4th! Well, I know it’s worth the wait.

  12. Bruno

    Just made the pre-order of the DVD these days at Amazon. I can´t wait any longer, this show in Boston sounds really great!

  13. Ann

    Just ordered my DVD and can’t wait to get it!!! This will hold me over ’til I can see ya live again!!!

  14. Scotty

    Awesome…I seen it live in Charlotte, NC. I ordered mine today!! Cant wait to get the booklet too…I have a Three Sides CD autographed but I cant wait to have another. Thanks Guys

  15. carol

    got my dvd!it’s fan-fucking-tastic!!the chemistry between you guys is intoxicating!I love it!WE WANT MORE!!!please please please please (yes indeed my knees are covered in blood from all this begging…)come back to europe (and holland)!

  16. Ray

    Will the signed booklet be included for those like me who pre-ordered on Amazon the instant they heard about it? If not, I will demand it be signed in person at your next AZ show :)

  17. Pongo

    This live CD is fantastic! What a treat. Proves once and for all that Nuno is the SICKEST guitarist on the planet! Nice job boys!

  18. MARASH

    I GOT IT!
    My heart is back in La Riviera, MADRID… The same feeling I had that night. Thank you. BESOS!

  19. Jessica

    Olá queridos.
    Acabei de conhecer o incrível trabalho de vocês, mas já sou fã. Meu namorado me mostrou a musica “More Than Words” agente tinha brigado, e ficamos bem. Vocês são incríveis, ouvi quase todas as musicas! E cada vez mais fico fascinada com o som e as vozes de vocês.


    Abraços da Jessica. [brazil]

  20. paolo

    Just got my Extreme DVD!!! Felt shivers all over! Nuno is simply the best! Been a fan for years and he never fails to make my jaw drop with his killer riffs and solos! Watching them perform live is way, way, way better than just listening to them in audio cds! Extreme forever!

  21. The Funnel

    I live in Canada, and to find this dvd I drove two hours! But it was totally worth it!
    I ‘rediscovered’ extreme recently, and this dvd is, for me, the best representation of this band… I hope the band, and this dvd both get the attention they deserve… Its only a shame it takes so much effort to track down great music these days 😉

  22. Ryan Cassidy

    Oh My God, that DVD is friggin amazing!!!!! It’s so well done and the performance is amazing, you guys are in top form and I just have to say, I just watched it and I am totally blown away. Everyone needs to see this DVD! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!
    Love Live Extreme, we love you!!!!!!!

  23. Tiago Esmeraldo

    Hi, i am from Brazil?
    I would like to know if it’s possible I get email from Nuno Bettencourt?
    thanks you

  24. wayne bennett

    Hi Everyone,

    Got my copy yesterday and Im stunned!! What a show and it proves that Extreme are in a different class. I cant believe that bands like Coldplay and such shit get all this success and Extreme get so little attention. King of the Ladies should have been a hit and Interface also should have been massive – what the fuck is happening to the music industry – GOOOODDD its so fucking frustrating. Something has to change.

  25. Eddie (Moscow)

    Hi guys! You are great!
    I would like to invite you in Moscow for a concert!!! Please do send me your email address so we can discuss it in details. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  26. Elaine

    Ammmoooooo, o extreme em especial o Nuno , que inteligencia e simplicidade!!!

    Amo vcs
    Elaine do Brasil

  27. Jimmy

    Saw the concert on HDNET… passed out twice… Amazoned it. They say ya can’t wear a dvd out…we’ll see.

  28. Frum

    I have the new album already. I have been looking for the live album DVD, in stores anywhere. I guess I will have to order it online eventually. Can’t right now. Just found out my wife has spinal trauma, and the Chiropractor is working on her.

  29. Marcos Marin

    Gracias Extreme por darnos el placer de escuchados nuevo. Llevo años esperando esto , Nuno enviame una púa a España y hazme feliz!!!!
    Os quiero!!!

  30. Natália

    Adoro todas as músicas de voces.Principalmente a:“More Than Words”.
    O Nuno Bettencourt é tão bonito e humilde.
    Estão de parabéns !!!!
    Amo vocês!!!!

  31. Ana Paula from Brasil


  32. Tamires Cruz

    olha sou do Brasil gente vcs bem que podia vir fazer um show aki no Brasil Rio de Janeiro São Paulo Belo Horizonte eu amo muito vc todos vcs cantam muito bem o Nuno vc com portugues bem que podia fazer a tradução do more than word nem ficar com mais que palavras seus fãs brasileiros iriam ficar muito feliz a letra é linda só que cantada em portuges pra gente seria mas romatica iria fazer bastante sucesso no Brasil e tb em Portugal abraços pense nisso ai me escrevam eu iria adorar em portugues se possivel

  33. Walaloski

    EXTREME IN SUDAMERICA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Lenny

    I’ve been listening to rock since Creedance Clearwater Revival’s first CD so I know what I like. Extreme is easily one of the most talented groups to ever plug into a wall socket. Every recording improves upon the last (regardless of “commercial appeal”) but the last is so damned good I can’t stop listening to it. With rockers like Van Halen out of competition (they would have lost anyway), there are no bands that play their asses off WITH ACTUAL MUSICIANSHIP, incredible songwriting, and just plain balls except this one. I hope the 4chord-same lame song singin-MTV bred pretenders get the message: get the hell off the stage until you learn how to play OR sing.

    Guys, you have amazed me. Rock On Forever, damn it!

  35. Henryk

    I love anhnyitg at the Royal Albert Hall! If you’re a Rod Stewart fan, his show at the Royal Albert is also a classic, Ronnie Wood plays with him… great DVD

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