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Hurtsmile is the latest from Gary Cherone (Extreme, Van Halen) who has teamed up with his brother Mark to write his most succinct record to date. The self-titled, HURTSMILE is a raw sonic sucker punch in the face! The band also features Joe Pessia (Tantric, Dramagods) and Dana Spellman.
In Stores
1/19 Asia
1/21 EU
2/8 US

To preview the entire record, please go to our Myspace or Facebook pages.



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17 comments on “Preview The New Hurtsmile Record

  1. Caroline

    Hurrah!! Finally get the tunes on a cd!Been listening to some of them for ages on your old style myspace.See it’s had a make-over! Any live shows planned … in the uk too please I hope :)

  2. UN

    Wow, it’s about time there was at least some kind of update on the band (or one of it’s members). Other band sites that I have bookmarked, have updates at least every other week or so. No matter how small. (Makes it worthwhile checking back every week or so) I realize that sometimes there’s just nothing to report, but come on… October 28th?

    We love ya guys, and would love to know what’s going on with ya all.

    Anyway, I digress. Looking forward to this. Anything by Gary is good by me. I love his voice.

    I might have to rebuy the “Take us alive” DVD as I’ve watched it so many times. What an awesome DVD!!!

  3. Rob

    Yes! More! Please! More, more, more!!!

    I was a nobody college kid with the opportunity to interview FLESH (Mark and the guys) – they were so kind to me and awesome – an experience I’ll never forget! Then we saw Gary walking past – he talked to me and my buddy for at least five or ten minutes and took pictures with us – He too was so awesome to us. Things like this make you fans for life! They’re not only some of the best musicians in the world, but also some of the most down-to-earth, nicest guys around!

    Thanks guys for always being my heroes!!!

    Rob in Wisconsin

  4. Bambi

    Hey everyone! I am sure that the boys have been busy and I don’t think it is horrible to not get updated every week. :-) They’ll keep us informed when something big is happening! The best comes to those who wait and Extreme IS the best! They have never disappointed me! I am sure Hurtsmile will be equally as awesome!

    I don’t do this page, Brian! :-)

    Hey guys! So excited to get this CD! Love the samples. The review that was posted the other day was also excellent and it has me counting down until I can hear the whole CD, too!

    I am really hoping to see some shows too! I’m ready to get out of town! Just book some shows and I am there!

  5. CyNiCaL

    HAHA!! No worries Bambi! 😀 x
    As you said, when the updates come they’re ALWAYS worth while. And here’s hoping Hurtsmile have plans to tour the UK whilst Extreme are doing the “behind the scenes” work on (hopefully) the new album! :)

  6. vincenzo

    Hi all,
    you are a fantastic band.
    I have known you since 1991 when the guitarist of my band called “Ultimatum” give me the album “III Sides To Every Story” when I departed for the soldier to the 18 year-old age. It made me be very well.
    Now I have 40 years and your songs I listen about ten times a day and it never get tired me.
    I play the bass and for me has been a honor to copy the Nuno’s solo of the song “Am I Ever Gonna Change.”
    I’m waiting your next live.
    I and me wife live in Sicily (Italy) but we will come to see you in whatever part of the planet.
    good luck

  7. Seraphinus

    I’ve waiting since I was born ;] loll I guess I can wait a bit more for the next tour and album XD

  8. marray

    sounds great–can’t wait! old time flesh and extreme fans. hope you tour soon cause we’ll be there. looking forward to more…

  9. AW

    Greatness. Good work, Gary.

    What ever happened to that website that had all of the Cherone lyrics and associate Bible references. I could use that for Beyond The Garden…

  10. Hank

    I must admit, I’m tired of reading about all of the side projects. Extreme just reunited and are already in the exploration stage that fueled the last 13 year break up. Is this an Extreme site? Or not? Come on Nuno, drop the Corporate creation gig and get back to the real deal. We need the full fury of your axe!!

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