Nuno will be at the IBIS Music Expo in Sao Paulo on Sept 22nd

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2 pm – 3 pm – photos and autographs in the Washburn space within Proshows’ booth.
4 pm – 5 pm – photos and photographs in the Washburn space

Expo address
IBIS EXPO (próximo à ponte da casa verde)
Rua Eduardo Vianna, 163 – Barra Funda
São Paulo – SP

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31 comments on “Nuno will be at the IBIS Music Expo in Sao Paulo on Sept 22nd

  1. Bruno

    Hey! what a good news!
    … but, humm, what about some new songs, some new tour dates, well, … you see what I mean…
    Die-hard fans are here still and still waiting.
    More stuff will take us alive;
    In the meantime, I am going to drink a coffee.
    Bruno from France

  2. BrendaMidnightMoon

    How’s the new music coming along, guys? Issue date soon? Eagerly awaiting and anticipating a new release. Please make Cleveland a stop on your next tour. Hope you have a fantastic b/day tomorrow, Nuno, wherever in the world you are!

  3. Michiyo

    It’s Sept 20 here and Nuno’s bday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! … or your cake is still on fire? ;)) Love from Japan!

  4. yuki

    All the best wishes on Nuno’s 45th happy happy happy birthday. We wanna see your stage soon. In 1989, they were young beautiful boys, and now they ‘er still beautiful cool guys. Extreme the Most cool band on this planet!!!

  5. ExtremeKrn

    Happy Birthday Nuno hope u have a great one with your family. Please come to Dallas, TX. I really, really, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally want to meet u ur the best 😉 God Bless you :)

  6. A.B

    Happy Birthday Nuno! All the best for you, continue being the wonderful person you’ve always been.
    I love you

  7. Bruno

    Tonight, the Eiffel Tower will be the candle on your Birthday cake…
    Let’s have a drink together!
    Joyeux anniversaire!!!
    Bruno&Vanessa from France

  8. Stephanie Cardoso

    OH GOD !, Today is his birthday !
    Congratulations Nuno, all the best for you, thank you for making your music, and always be so perfect!

    I love you .
    Stephanie from Brazil .

  9. Stephanie Cardoso

    I live in São Paulo and was not
    :( I’m so sad and sorry.
    When will I have this opportunity again?!

  10. Nicole Ohashi

    Hey Nuno, my name is Nicole and im trying all the ways to see u in Expomusic, the access here is really hard, if i dont get it pleaseeeeee Ill be out of the event only to take a photo with you, me and my husband, i saw your concert 2 years ago in Japan, it was awesome, i wanna see you guys again!!
    Happy B-day in Brasiiiiiiil!!
    Feliz aniversario Nuno, você é uma estrela, tenha cuidado com o que deseja porque todos os seus sonhos podem se tornar realidade…

  11. Rinaldo Fontenele

    Hello Nuno and other members of the band Extreme, I wonder why not have more shows here in Brazil?
    We are sorry the lack of their songs live.
    I hope soon to come and show us their beautiful music.
    Yours sincerely

    Rinaldo Fontenele

  12. Lillian

    Extreme Hello!
    Hi Nuno
    Happy birthday, best wishes to you always, all good for you … this person is always so unique and awesome!
    I hope to again have another opportunity of his visit here in Brazil! And surely with the Extreme that I love ! Iram be more than welcome
    😀 Kisses and hugs

  13. Daniela Lafetá

    I totaly agree… It’s not fair… Muita injustiça… What about fans??? Quem será por nós?19 years latter, nós realmente estamos com SAUDADES. This is my protest.

  14. Luciana Silvério

    Finalmente realizei meu antigo sonho de conversar com você (por 5 minutos apenas!…) na Expo Music Sao Paulo. Obrigada pelo carinho e atenção! Você é muito talentoso! Amo você!! Beijos :)

  15. Ana Paula Santiago de Almeida- Brasil

    Hi Nuno. I would thank to came in São Paulo, Brasil. I traveled 5 hours ( Rio de Janeiro to são Paulo) only to see you. I hope you like to the giff.(card blue).

  16. Stephanie

    I’m very late, it’s a shame, but I wanted to wish you happy birthday. You gave my ears best pleasure for 20 years and I’m realy greatfull for that. I wish you a long life, and all the succes you deserve. Love from Paris where we hope to see you soon.

  17. Emily


  18. Katia

    Os fãs do Nuno não puderam entrar na expo music, já que o evento foi aberto somente a músicos credenciados e imprensa. Esperamos 20 anos para vê-lo e foi muito frustrante não poder entrar. Ficamos sem as fotos, sem os autógrafos, sem nada. Agora, esperamos pelo menos uma apresentação do Extreme (em breve, não é).

  19. Daniel

    Please please please come to the UK when you finish your next album which I know will be your best so far! Best band in the world hands down!

  20. Bruno

    Hello kiddies,
    when Saudades cames out, you promised us Extreme was back in the game… But even if Gary seems busy, we don’t have any news about our fucking favourite band…
    Crisis?… I don’t think so.
    Please give us something to eat!
    (sure you are all at this time writing the White Album of the XXI century…!!!)
    Bruno, with love.

  21. carmem lucia brito nascimento

    oh my god ! i meet nuno he very sweetness and big artista foi incrivel melhor coisa que ja me aconteceu nuno é um ser humano incrivel o melhor de todos que já conheci !

  22. luci

    thanks nuno by the better day of my life i never forget you, don’t go forget of your smile of you way you so special
    come to brasil soon to see again and talk and hold you

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