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    i guess i haven’t been paying attention so glad to see you back together going to find the new cd PRONTO and cant’ wait for Nuno on S.N.L.!!!!!!!!

  2. Brett

    Come on guys,I’m not really into hiphop , but “Rockstar 101” is pretty cool. Nuno puts a kinda “halloween vibe” on the intro !!!!

  3. Thomas

    Yeah, i’ll have to agree with Dustin, dude. Do any of you know if Extreme’s gonna release another album, or go on another tour? Startin’ to get worried anno 2010! But maybe, after all the Rihanna stuff, Extreme will have a bigger budget… surely hope so.

  4. Steve

    Best guitarist I have ever seen live is Nuno! No disrespect to Nuno, but he’s one of the best guitarists in the world and I think he’s diluting himself musically by playing with her. I just watched both songs on SNL. Nuno…you rock! Extreme rocks!

  5. Lucia

    We want the Extreme … I saw the video … Nuno has disguised ….. Boh … Who is Rihanna? In Italy it is unknown

  6. Maynol

    Nuno…You did great a job with Rihana!!! What a great performance… But why did you Disguise yourself???


  7. Jennifer

    You fooled me with that hat, Nuno. I had to look 3 times to really see it was you! You looked like you were having a great time. I know you really enjoy working with her! Keep doing what you’re doing and I look forward to the new Extreme record. I know it will be amazing! It was nice to see you again, even if only on TV!

  8. Handle

    Rhianna played a couple songs that didn’t require much from the guitar, but Nuno’s body language made it seem like he enjoys it. He knows he’s part of a good thing and just wants to contribute however he can. But selfishly, here’s hoping he gets back to rocking out with the gang soon.

  9. Isabella

    I can not stand seeing the nuno playing with rihanna. I don´t want to see “the guitarist for the Rihanna” I want to see “Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme. “

  10. Bambi

    It was great to see you on SNL, Nuno!!! Glad you are having fun! Hope to see you soon. :-)

    I know good things are coming for Extreme fans and I am excited to hear what you guys are creating!

  11. Ale

    Sou Brasileira, e gosto de algumas Bandas Americanas, e conheci o Extreme a pouco tempo, e confesso que me vejo cada vez mais apegada a banda.

  12. Bambi

    I thought it was great to see Nuno on SNL, as well as MTV (Times Square), Letterman, and GMA!!

    I am glad you are having fun, Nuno! I also really enjoyed Rihanna’s shows! I love that you have had the chance to play in front of such huge crowds. You deserve that. Extreme also deserves that. I hope that in the future, I can see you with Extreme in a huge venue like that….but I have to admit, I do love the smaller intimate settings too. It’s nice that you guys are always so awesome and you take the time to talk to the fans! We really appreciate that! Anyway, have fun in AU with Rihanna and we will be here waiting for Extreme’s return when you get back!

    In the mean time…. I am SO EXCITED to hear Hurtsmile!!! YEAH!!!! Gimme an excuse for a roadtrip in early 2011, Gary! PLEASE!!

  13. Jennifer

    Love what you add to Rihanna’s sound, Nuno. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re selling out or lowering yourself. You are a phenomenally talented musician and you would never be part of something you didn’t believe in. I love that you stretch yourself by doing projects like this. It just makes Extreme stronger and more diverse, which is part of what I love so much about Extreme. I will try my best to make it to Australia to see you. I look forward to the new Extreme record, as I know you’ve been writing like mad! Keep having fun and doing what you do! I’m behind you 100%!

  14. Fred

    Nuno has more talent in his little finger than Rihana has in her whole body. Love Extreme, rihana not so much.

  15. Elaine

    Oi galera !!!quando vcs veem para o brasil?
    Nos fãs estamos anciosos para curtir o melhor melhor show de vcs aqui em sao paulo!!!!

  16. Francis

    Can’t wait for a new album with a “Your’s” style in III Sides to every story…You guy’s great so keep the faith..more power to rock!

  17. Paul D.

    Everyone who like gaming or Rockband. Go to Rock band 3’s website and request extreme to be added to the list of music. I’ve already requested as much as i can and will be requesting more. There are so many songs on there that shouldnt be on there at all. Imagine shredding to “Cupids Dead” on Rockband? Lets go Extreme fans!!!!!!

  18. Waz

    When are you guys going to tour again?? I saw you in Detroit at the Ritz along time ago and think that you guys REALLY ROCK and sound great together!!!! It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen!! Start touring again PLEASE!!! The rock world needs you!!

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