1. Jessica Carroll

    I definitely need to get my hands on that magazing. Nuno, you are amazingly talented and inspiring. Always keep on rocking like it’s still the 90’s–when mainstream music was good like Extreme and Nirvana! I love you guys. Hopefully you guys come out with another album so I can see you live. <3

  2. Thiago Miranda

    Hei Nuno,
    Sou brasileiro e adorei a ideia de te colocarem na capa da Guitar Player, revista da qual sou assinante. Te desejo tudo de bom garoto, e te pergunto, quando virá ao Brasil com o Extreme??? Quero tirar uma foto contigo e com tua guitarra! Na sua última passagem com a Rihana não tive a oportunidade de te ver nos palcos, mas uma segunda chance eu jamais perderia… Abraços!

    Hey Nuno, I’m from Brazil and I loved the idea of having you in the cover of guitar Player Brasil, magazine I have signed. Let me know Nuno when will you come to Brazil with Extreme? I want to take a picture with you and your guitar! In your last visit, with Rihana, I didn’t had the opportunity to see you in the stage, but a second chance I would never lost. Cheers from Brazil

  3. Jorge

    I waited so long, I sent emails to Brazil GP asking for it and finally the best in the world is on the cover.
    Congratulations Nuno

  4. Bruno

    Hello kiddies,
    Is there anybody here to translate this “entrevista” online, just to let us know what’s up with you Nuno…?
    Still and still waiting, here in France and everywhere around the world!!!

  5. Pat

    No one knows what the hell is going on with anyone in the band. This is the first update since September. Pathetic.

  6. Shock

    Nuno should be on the cover of the USA guitar player seeing he still is the best guitar player in the world!!

  7. Juliano Vale

    Nuno, o Brasil ainda gosta muito de Extreme e gosta muito de você… Traga o Extreme para cá. Abraço.

  8. rybhen

    Could anyone from Brazil maybe please give us a flavour of what’s said in the interview? Muito obrigado!

  9. BrendaMidnightMoon

    Numerous extra-fine rock guitarists out there, but Nuno is still the one of whom I most prefer to listen. If it were in my power, I’d put him on the cover of every magazine published just so all who are not familiar with him might be curious enough to check out the man and his music. Lower left corner mentions Richie Kotzen. Reminds me that he, Nuno & Paul Gilbert(?) were on a cover together over 20 yrs. ago. If all of us were vegetarians, is it possible we all could still look as physically good as this man?

  10. paola lopez

    I would love for extreme conduct a concert here in Colombia !!!!!!!!!!!!! and that the best guitarist in the world and the best band sing on Colombian soil.
    paola lopez

  11. Michele K

    Nuno,gostaria que os jovens conhecessem um pouco da sua musica e da sua historia.Assim,quem sabe, eles entenderiam quando digo: saudades da epoca que tinham musicos talentosos.Bjs!Michele(Brasil).

  12. Bruno

    Humm… what could we wish for 2012???…
    Just a lil’bit of new sound!
    And don’t abuse of oysters, champaign and duck’s foie gras!!!
    Bon réveillon to all Extreme fans ’round da world, and play it LOUD!!!!!!!!!!

  13. André

    I’ve just created a “Demand on” Hurtsmile, through MySpace, for them to come and visit Tilburg, Holland. So if you don’t show up, keep in mind that I’ll create a Demand On Extreme as well!

    On topic: good for Nuno! Not only he knows how to play, but more importantly he knows how to fit it in their songs!

  14. Andy C

    hey all you extreme fans… i was fortunate to see nuno with Rihanna on tour twice last year, and managed to get back stage at one show and have a 1to1 with Nuno and i asked him whats happening with extreme now your with Rihanna? he said extreme have not split and have upto 60 new songs and ideas they have, but need to cut it down to about 15/16 to fit onto an album and will hopefully be back with extreme late 2012….

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