1. Frank

    Guys with groove. Hurtsmile album is next when in norway. Gary makes me think about his role in Extreme and there is no better man on this planet to front them. Great voice and rock’n roll image. Extreme to Norway? Please!!!!

  2. Ana Paula from Brasil

    I’ve liked hursmile. Gary’s the best. All what he do i love it. but i prefer extreme. I love extreme since 1992. EXTREM IN BRASIL NOW!!!! for you brazilians fans. Kiss :)

  3. Thomas

    Awesome song, and good video! 😀 just, really, gary man.. grow some hair! Short blonde hair isnt rock! Anyways, i am REALLY looking foward to the new Extreme album. I’ll see ya at the new extreme live show!



  4. Bruno

    Hey Gary, let me take your place and say “Fuck”!!!
    Fucking puritanical american censor.
    Sorry, fucking french guy speaking…
    Bruno, an old friend.

  5. Paul D

    I like that Gary and Nuno are staying active and rocking out. Although i’d rather this Hurtsmile be called Gary Cherone so it doesnt sound like another band. Nuno, finish that Rihanna tour so Extreme can hit the studio again. I’m starving for more Extreme!!!!

  6. Alexia

    You guys are amazing!! Keep doing what you are doing, and can’t wait to see you LIVE.
    Saw your performance in Miami a while ago, and have been dying to see you again!!

  7. Amarilis

    Gary learned me last week that the song more than word was the Group’s extreme and sung by you and thought that sang George Michael to idiotes am rocker of you time for the Beatles and believe me that the masters but now you also

  8. Lianna

    Yes, now I uetdrsnand that my two times trying to discribe how good etc… not comethru the moderation, I gave it all to soon away, indeed it’s all here and I agree!Meeting in LA’s legendary Henson Studios, originally built by Charlie Chaplin and the place where ‘We Are The World’ was made, Gary, Alesha and Grammy Award-winning producer John Shanks joined forces. Gary tinkled the ivories, using Elton John’s piano, and the song came together…That studio btw is the later famous A&M studio, of Herp Alpert and Jerry Moss, we could say “HOLYGROUND” because that building made so many good recordings, on the clip of “We are the world” series, you can see a statue of CHARLIE CHAPLIN, that they fortunately kept next to the intrance Love you still, Harry (SOULMAN)NL

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