Members of Extreme to perform at Boston Strong

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Members of Extreme will be performing at ‘Boston Strong: An Evening of Support and Celebration’ to be held at the TD Garden on Thursday, May 30, 2013. Net ticket proceeds of this historic concert will benefit The One Fund Boston, set up by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor ThomasMenino to help the people most affected by the tragic events that occurred in Boston on April 15. Fans can purchase tickets at, or by calling 800-745-3000 or at TD Garden Box Office.

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12 comments on “Members of Extreme to perform at Boston Strong

  1. Jerzzy

    I’m in as always ps I have the rhianna 777 tour on my Dvr nunos all over it can’t stop watching lol

  2. Dustin

    Will it be nationally televised (I.e. MTV, VH1). If not, hopefully, somebody could put it on YouTube, or on the media section of this site.

  3. LUCI

    cool the extreme thinking to do a show in boston victims that is very noble but without the nuno is very strange without the extreme nuno is not going to be missing nuno will be too busy playing with Rihanna……….

  4. BrendaMidnightMoon

    Although he’ll be in Istanbul fulfilling his contractual obligations to Rihanna on May 30, we know he’ll be in Boston in heart and spirit. God bless the people of Boston. Prayers and thoughts are with you still.

  5. Jerzzy

    Nunos not gonna be there !!!!!!what in the world I am not going All the way there for a half ass show this isn’t fair I already have my ticket I guess I’ll just send my donation I refuse to drive 5 hours and not see nuno I only go to Boston to see him and like I said I will still send the donations and I guess like that my spirit will be in Istanbul lol

  6. Wendy

    Luckily, Gary’s brother Marc was able to take over the guitar work for him. Met Marc quite a few years ago when he was giving guitar lessons to my now husband and playing with the band SuperZero. Super nice guy! If anyone had to fill in for Nuno, Marc was the best to do it. After all, Nuno was his mentor for a while teaching him some tricks and stuff while learning to play. Sorry you couldn’t be there Nuno, but thanks Marc for filling in! 😉

  7. mrfozzy

    Hmmm. Extreme is going to have to put out a half decent album for me to be a fan again. I was a huge fan up until Saudades, which is terrible. My sister got me into them when I was little, I drew Extreme logos every day for every album since the first one. I remember getting Pornograffitti on cassette and comparing it to the first album when I was like 11. I got Extreme III during the CD release party at Strawberries, I bought every import I could and got all of my friends into them. I went to every show I could (Orpheum, the Channel, Hampton Beach, Providence, etc). Saudades is Unlistenable in my opinion. They tried too hard and not enough at the same time. Production is not a bad word guys, you were good at it once. If the next album is Saudades II I’ll be disappointed and if Nuno is too busy with Rhianna then that explains why Gary has always picked up the pieces and assembled bands, which I think an Extreme album without Nuno would be better than a half assed one with him. My humble opinion.

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