14 comments on “HURTSMILE – JUST WAR THEORY (Alternate Retro Version)

  1. steph bruner

    gary, ur the best, i have watched just about every video u ever made with extreme an everything. i would honestly do anything to get to meet u someday. u r seriously the best. i was crushed when i seen u n extreme r no longer touring, but ur still doing great. is there any chance u’ll ever make it to or around the small town of jersey shore Pennsylvania??? well maybe someday i will hear something back 570-660-7606 to be honest i wont hold my breath cuz i know ur a very busy man an u have better places to go n be. but thank u. an gary i dunno if u will or not, but if u ever get the chance to email me personally i had to put my email address on here just to write this comment. thanks, be safe. Stephanie Bruner

  2. yuki

    i love HURTSMILE SOUND!!! Awesome vintage video. How old are you??? Please please come again to Osaka soon. w/LV

  3. Doll

    I am a huge Rihanna Fan and look where it have lead me..I saw Nuno in Barbados on the 5th and he tore that show up..I also love soft rock and love what he has done to RiRi’s live song I have just bought my first Extreme CD and I am loving it..I am so glad he is on tour with my Favorite and I am looking forward to my first extreme concert..I know you guys hate he is on tour with a “POP STAR” but I am so glad he is!!!

  4. John

    Hurtsmile – I can take it or leave it. More EXTREME please. Did you guys get back together just to break up again?

  5. leticia

    ola eu sou apaixonada por voces quando assistir os videos de suas carreiras eu fiquei muito apaxonada eu tenho 23 anos mas acho que nacsi na epoca errada pois queria ter nascido no auge do sucesso de voces pra acompanha passo a passo sua carreira extreme I LOVE YOU !!!!

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