Hurtsmile ‘Rock n’ Relief ‘ Debut Tour 2011 Japan

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On behalf of the band and myself, we are very excited to tour Japan. Out of all the places I have toured, Japan has always been closest to my heart… I love the people, I love the culture, and after seeing the effects of the Earthquake/Tsunami, all I can think about was getting over there to help lift the spirits and lend a voice to our dear fans and their families. Also, a portion of the proceeds form the ‘Rock n’ Relief’ tour will be donated to charity to support Japan.

I look forward to seeing each and every one of you… The Yanks are coming!

-Gary Cherone

June 24th The Bottom Line / NAGOYA
June 25th Red Box / KURASIKI
June 26th Caravan Sary / KOCHI
June 27th Bigcat / OSAKA
June 29th Live House enn 2nd / SENDAI
June 30th OEast / TOKYO
July 1st  Live Space C-moon / FUKUSHIMA
July 2nd STB139 / TOKYO

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24 comments on “Hurtsmile ‘Rock n’ Relief ‘ Debut Tour 2011 Japan

  1. Alexandra

    You’re simply amazing :) Gary’s voice is unique, Nuno is an amazing guitarist and his solos are incredible, and Pat and Kevin are the cherry on the top. Hope you continue recording ’cause I’ll never get enough of Extreme :) Kisses from Portugal! :)

  2. Nana

    Thank you Gary and Hurtsmile! I’m quite sure your music and love will help us get through this difficult time. Can’t wait to see you guys here in Tokyo :-)

  3. Paul D.

    The Hurtsmile album is awesome. It lets Gary experiment with some songs and different vocal styles. The album has grown on me. Now, i’m so ready for another extreme album and tour. Hopefully they will do a few more songs from 3 sides 2 every story that they didnt do on the latest tour. Extreme, Extreme, Extreme!!!!

  4. T.Naquin

    I’ve been an Extreme fan for over 22yr.I’m delighted to see the band back an better than ever…God bless all of you for your efforts and faith….from New Orleans with love,
    Keep Rockin, T.Naquin

  5. ecco

    Hi, Gary!
    Thank you for love to Japan!
    I’m very glad XD
    I look forward to the tour of HURTSMILE.
    waiting for you at Tokyo <333

  6. ToNE

    Will you please come to Australia, (Melbourne) after Japan…Seeing as we missed out on Extreme…

  7. Ana Rita

    Hi! Due to the fact that I do not find any contacts of the band, I’ll be trying to reach Extreme by the comment box.

    I’m an azorian journalist and I’d like to interview Nuno Bettencourt, because he is from Terceira. The article would be about his career journey and connections to the Azores.

    So, I’ll like to get to Mr. Bettencourt and maybe exchange some emails with him.

    I hope I can get an answer from you soon.

    Kind Regards,

    Ana Cabral
    Azorian journalist

  8. Hollywood Joe

    Hell yeah Paul D! Please come to Australia and get Extreme down here as well! With the mighty Van Halen coming in September it would be awesome to get Extreme and Chickenfoot here at some point as well! What a triple bill that would be!!!!
    I remember meeting Gary on the VH3 tour in ’98 and he was such a nice guy! Awesome show as well! We love you guys down here so get yo’ asses here soon!!!!!

  9. Hollywood Joe

    Oops! That should have said hell yeah ToNE!! Never mind!I agree with both of you!!

  10. Patty Lefont

    Please update your Tour Info and add Miami on it :) !! Love you Guys…Extreeeemmmllllyyyy Amazing!

  11. Laurie

    When are you touring in the states. I would love to see you come to Indiana for a concert!!!!!!!!

  12. Cindy Sherbondy

    Please, please,please come to Indiana!! South Bend, (preferred) or Nobilsville. Love you guys! Been too long!!

  13. Yuki

    had come to japan, i would like to send you our big appreciation. We had so wouderful cool show! Cool RED LP & SG. PEARL Ds. GREAT MUSICIANS!!! TWO MORE NIGHTS!! ARIGATOU

  14. Rumi

    Thank you for coming to Osaka..I really enjoyed very much! I love Gary way to sing and voice, I really realized you are so professional talented singer!! I am not the fan who always follow you guys, But I had a great memory..! I hope I will meet you in consert again! Crossed finger! (sorry my english)

  15. cheri

    So hay,how’s the money you got from my song-MY LYRICS..I wrote the song MoreThanWords..Funny thing is,When WALT asked me if i would like to hear my song on the radio some day,and how i would feel about that,i said,that would be awesome..He never told me he would steal my notebook out of my volks wagon bettle

  16. cheri

    SO what did you buy with all my money??DRUGS?,GOLF Clubs?A Porche??Did you atleast get my favorite color,”Canary Yellow”?,didyou each get a Rolex??Compliments of Cheryl McLaughlin?,I MEAN IT WAS MY NUMBER ONE HIT.OH,AND WHO DID YOU SELL MY NOTEBOOK TO??Apparently,PUDDLE OF MUD,because they brought out my other numberone song,”BLURRY”,it was in that same notebook.Thanks,i hope your enjoying all the nice things my creative efforts bought you!your Lyricist…Cheryl A. MCLaughlin!!

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