10 comments on “Guitarist Magazine in Stores Now

  1. BrendaMidnightMoon

    And the cover shots just keep a comin’. Okay by all of us! You ever smile for a picture anymore? Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Mrs. B.

  2. The Slip

    Great stuff, I can’t believe how many years I’ve waited to see this. WH Smith, expect my business very soon!

  3. Jacky

    Does anyone know where can I get (and can I get it at all) this issue of Guitarist in Bruxelles, Belgium?
    Thanks! 😀

  4. Jade

    Jacky, in Brussels, you should be able to get the magazine in the Waterstone’s bookstore that sells English language books/magazines. The store is on Anscpachlaan, I believe, not too far from the central square.

  5. Sunny

    My friend saw this and bought it for me (bless!)- Great interview and riff (as you’d expect from the best)

  6. jason

    you guys are from fucking outerspace I just whatched your concert on AXIS TV, honestly Id never heard of you before but that’s my problem. I was blown away! I felt like I was 18 agan even the cat was climbing the walls freaken out! NEW FAN ROCK ON LOVE YOU GUYS!

  7. don shone

    oh my god oh my god oh my god you guys make most bands look like little girls i saw u on axis tv i cant fucking belive what i was watching so i called my wife into the room and we sat in awe of you !!!love you wow don&pam

  8. don shone

    you guys fucking rock im 55 yrs old and i play but i cant even get close to you all unfucking real love don&pam shone rogersville mo

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