EXTREME Debut Concert Performance In Moscow April 25

EXTREME will make their much-anticipated debut concert performance in Moscow, Russia. This landmark concert will be the first time the multi-platinum, Boston-bred band has played Russia and will take place at the new Stadium Live on April 25th.

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Guys when you come to Chile…….. come on…. it’s time….. Kisses, and Special greetings to my friend Kevin :)

WOW!!!!!!!!!! GREAT NEWS!!!!!! I’M HAPPY NOW!!!!!

This is absolutely fucking unbelievable! Is there any tiny chance we will also see a date in St Petersburg, Russia around that date?

Hi everybody! I’m from Moscow, Russia, and Extreme is my favourite band!! And now they’re coming to town! I’m so glad!!! Go Extreme!

Seeing tour dates ANYWHERE gets my psyched. I just hope it’s a prelude to another US tour. Time for Rihanna to give Nuno back to Extreme fans!!!

I”ll waiting for your concert in Poland! 😉 We love you! Your music is my life! All the best from Poland! 😉

Great news!!!


Go to Brasilllllll !!!! São Pauloooo… credicard hall or via funchal .. pleasssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Play with us !


Yeah-Yeah-yeah!!! I love you, guys, can’t wait to see you in Moscow!!!

Take me with you!!! Okay, I know you can’t do that! I’m happy that Russia finally gets a chance to see the greatest band ever!! Hopefully we see you guys here in the states!! Looking forward to some more Extreme shows!

this is great news! Moscow is waiting for you guys!

Please please please come back and tour the UK :@)

Hey guys, Belgium is not that far from Russia, come here too! :)

I love your music,lyrics,everything about you come to Croatia 😀

Great to see the urge to tour is gradually gaining momentum. City by city, Extreme is on its westward path towards world domination… Tokyo, Moscow, who knows?

Hooray!!! I will be coming to Moscow concert from Samara (almost 1100 km from Samara to Moscow)!!! It will be incredible performance!!!
Waiting for you with impatience!

Soo Great to see you guys back on the road! Please Please Please come back to the UK, We miss you!!!

Hey everyone!! This news blows up my mind to thousand of piecies!!! You ask me why??? Casue i’m from russia and Extreme comes here! This really really really really really unbeliviable amazing news=). God, thank you!

I keep tuning in hoping to see some US dates. The Take Us Alive concert on HDNET was great

Great news! Does anyone know of the Russia shows will also be Porno themed or a traditional show of material from all of their records?

Amazing! Extreme fans worldwide begging for tour dates in their countries. So much love for this best of bands. Hope this is a harbinger of future tour dates for U.S. fans as well. Good luck on the road, guys.

So good 2 see u guys back on the stage…but choose a brazilian stage too!! We wanna see u play here, pleeease! =)

okay, so you’re going to Russia. Cool. How about some U.S. dates.. and how about a new Extreme album? That would be the greatest treat of all!

Guys I was looking for a plane ticket to moscow (from Italy!!) but it’s really too much expensive! Please do a tour around Europe, we are all waiting for you with our arms open! :)

Come back to London….please!!

we’re waiting for you guys all over the europe

I have been a fan since day one, could you please come to Ontario, Canada and do a tour. I’m from Cornwall, Ontario and we are 1 hour away between Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa, Ontario. You guys are Amazing performer’s and your on my Bucket List.. Thanks very much…. Cheers guys!!!

Guys! :)
Welcome to our Fansite of Extreme!

The Russian Extreme Fansite – http://extreme-camp.ru/

Best wishes, Christy (Site Administration)

Guys! :)
Welcome to our Fansite of Extreme!
The Russian Extreme Fansite – http://extreme-camp.ru/

Best wishes, Christy (Site Administration)

OH MY YES! thaks God!

please come to the korea!!! we really love you, Extreme!

I pray this is a prelude to more tour dates….. hopefully a bunch of canadian dates to be announced!!!!

Get yourselves to England! I want to see you guys live!!! ♥♥♥

hi how are como to brasil soon i’m so happy because i know what this day go come and i see nuno again
everbody to be wait for you

Brasil/ são paulo ??? when ??????

Please come back to the States and do a massive TOUR!

My friends, I am very excited to know that the band is playing. I have more than 30 years old, I have some good memories. Thank you very much.
Greetings from Uruguay

Please come to Hong Kong. Really looking forward to seeing you guys live. Your’re so great.

Guys, please come to Poland. It would be the greatest news for us. We are waiting for you!!! There is a lot of big fans of yours!!! Pozdrawiamy:)

WOW!!! Excellent! Very happy this wonderful news)

Hi…. When you guys come to Brazil?

ei! good to know that you’re back and kicking again! been a fan of yours since teens. rock it out here in the PHILIPPINES! everyone is waiting for you guys here. \m/

Excellent show! Thank you, guys, we’re already waiting for your return here! Keep on Rockin’!

Thank U guys for the best show I`ve ever seen. I`m devastated!!! Extreme today the same Extreme that I heard twenty years ago. I hope U`ll come back soon. \m/

Gary,Nuno,Pat,Kevin! Thank you that you are! Thank you that arrived to Moscow! Pet, separate thanks for mediators. You saw us with the father at a scene. The father is very happy! He is Bass the guitarist in my team. In the evenings with it we play houses your songs. You to us presented a piece of happiness!

I am sorry I couldn`t be there because of my little baby, I`ve been listening to your songs for more than 10 years. How was it in Moscow, tell us guyz?! Did you like it?

Hi, guys! My name is Kate, I’m from Moscow. I have been to your concert 25.04. at Stadium live. I’m still under the impression of the concert! It was great!!! Thank you so much!!! It was a pleasant surprise for me playing a song “When I First Kissed You” – thank you for it, I really love it :) And of course it was perfectly to hear the other great songs such as Get the funk out, Kid Ego, Hole Hearted, Rest in Peace, Am I ever gonna change. And these songs revealed for me in a different way, because the live concert has specific power, so why I’ve been looking forward to this concert. And my expectations came true! Special thanks to Nuno for Midnight Express! :) I was waiting for “Tragic Comic”, but maybe it will be reason to hear you alive once again her in Moscow :) So I will be waiting the new album of Extreme and forthcoming concert in Moscow!!! Thank you for your music!!!

Hi Guys. Please tour Australia

please come to new york i need some extreme in my life

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