Extreme appearances in Moscow

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April 23
-Ivan Urgant Show – Channel One Moscow (Check your local listings)
-Silver Rain FM Station (8:00PM approx.)
-“Liven” Show on TV-Rain (11:00PM)

There will be interviews and live acoustic performances.

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8 comments on “Extreme appearances in Moscow

  1. Ri

    Hi. it was announced that Silver Rain radio show would have started at 8:00 PM, but for some reason it started on 7:00 PM, that’s why the most part of fans in Russia missed this radio show that day to our pity. But speaking of the MAIN show – of the CONCERT: It WAS REALLY REALLY REALLY GREAT! Thank you so much that you came here and for these emotions and for everything!Come again guys we’ll be waiting fot ya!

  2. Christy

    Sorry, but … once more! :)

    EXTREME performances on TV and Radio in Moscow (Russia):

    1. Live @ Silver Rain FM Station (April 23, 2012):

    2. Live @ TV Rain (April 23, 2012):

    3. Live @ Ivan Urgant Show (April 23, 2012):

    Pleasant viewing!

  3. John

    I had a rock fit this am–Extreme, Whole Hearted, is now on Home
    Depot’s Muzak loop. Can you believe it?!! I jumped up and cranked up the miserable speaker that is in my office and danced like the nutty old lady that Extreme makes me be.
    You guys are the best, and glad to let you know how much you give me my groove. And looking forward to hearing you every day at my work place. Keep rocking!!!

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