Due to an unforeseen conflict in scheduling, Extreme regret that they will be postponing their previously announced 2013 April Australian tour. The band are looking forward to returning to Australia and reconnecting with their loyal fans and are working with Lennard Promotions on rescheduling the tour. All tickets purchased will be fully refunded and revised dates for the tour will be announced at a later time. Extreme and Lennard Promotions regret any inconvenience that this rescheduling may cause for those who have already purchased tickets and look forward to announcing revised dates as soon as possible.

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Vocês tem que vim para o Brasil, Recife-PE. Se um dia isso acontecer, pode ter certeza q vou ser a primeira da fila! AMO AO EXTREMO VOCÊS!!! S2 Sucesso a banda.

Gay. Do we get a refund on the flights and accommodation already booked to see multiple shows? Conflict of scheduling? Umm… You book a show, and then you don’t book any other shows on that date.

Unforeseen conflict in scheduling my arse!!! wtf else have they got going on? this is BS!

Pretty disappointed you guys
I booked 2 shows in2 cities paid for flight ticket too
Please don’t forget that there is a your big fan who like me ..

[…] per a statement posted on the band’s official website, the shows have been scrapped on account of an “unforeseen conflict in scheduling”, […]

Maybe low ticket sales? People need their heads read if they can’t see how talented Extreme are!

Shame, had a buddy coming up from Tassie for the gig…

Unforseen conflict in scheduling my foot. If thats the case then sack the management. Thanks for wasting our time. Wonder if we get a discount on tickets if they ever reschedule.

Really sad sad sad news ! Hope they’re all ok and they’re not splitting up…

it really was too good to be true, i am guessing low ticket sales too… but all will be forgiven if they actually do revise a later date.

Very disappointed…
I booked 2shows in 2 cities and paid flight tickets already too
Please don’t forget that there is your big fun who like me
Just disappointed..

I’m super bummed. Extreme is by far my favourite band, and this would have been my only chance to see them.

I had my Brissy ticket booked, and got an email two days ago saying it had been refunded. I was really confused and thought a housemate had jumped on my PC at home while I was at work and requested a refund. When I got home and found out what had happened, I was just sad.

Please come to Aus soon guys! Hope everyone’s okay in the band!

Shattering news – I now have these flights and prepaid accommodation in Sydney & Melbourne. Anyone over there for any suggestions of what I could do with all this time on my hands?

im sure there is a good reason for this,,,the guys always go out of the way for us the fans……i hope that the fans get behind the band that we love!!!!!!extreme have given us so much in the past…and wes hould be thankfull for that,,,,negitivity will get us nowhere:)

Uber disappointed. I got the tix for xmas and was so super excited to see them again – first time in nearly twenty years. There’s no guarantee of tix if they do ‘reschedule’. I would forgive the shambles if they validated our current tix for the new gig….I don’t want a refund – I wan’t to see the boys play!!

Uber disappointed. Got the tix for xmas and was so excited to see them for the first time in nearly 20 yrs. There’s no guarantee of tix if they ‘reschedule’, so I’d rather them validate my tix for any gig they play in Perth. I don’t want a refund – I want to see them play!!

Well I hope Ticketek will pull their fingers out and reverse the charge on my card. Tried emailing them and got a response indicating which shows were cancelled and Extreme isn’t one of them. Then I check their site and Extreme is still listed with no date or venue details. They better refund pronto.

Very disappointing for my fellow fans in Oz. Extreme is, and always will be number one but I just hope that Rihanna doing a UK tour at the same time hasn’t anything to do with this.

Been a fan from day one down here in australia seen the band back in the day at the state theartre.If this shit has anything to do with Rihanna tour you no where your return tour dates can go and get shoved

I found it very cool gary apologized to Australian fans, but I think this nuno not even there with his extreme priority is playing with nuno rihanna never said anything about new dates or the new cd and I met extreme he seemed like a wonderful person and bitter dock while a gentleman and kind to me carmem but now it’s weird for him made ​​so many promises for fans of extreme and all we have is silence and shows of rihanna with nuno

Extreme have given us so much in the past…..I know it’s a pain they had to postpone the tour but they will be back!!!!i for one am just thankfull for all the music they have given us ….. They have always gone out of their way for us the fans….now it’s time to repay that by standing by the band 100%…

Heard ‘Hole Hearted’ on the radio today for the first time!

Thought it was Supertramp’s 1977 hit: ‘Give a little bit’, as I could only hear the music from the other room.
Some of the chord structures are remarkably similar.

It wasn’t until I went to turn up the volume, that I realised the lyrics were different.

Is this only me?

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