American Idol feat. Nuno

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If I should be honest…the part I like most at this performance is your solo Nuno…

I am not a Rihanna fan at all, HOWEVER I think it’s great that Nuno is getting the exposure his talent demands. Just as long as Extreme stays intact and can work on new music when the Rihanna tour is over, it’s all good.

You totally ROCKED Nuno!!!! At first we couldn’t see much of you but then you showed them who ROCKS!!! Everyone at work was talking about it today… “That’s the guitarist for your favorite band, right?” YES HE IS!!! Nuno is THE MAN!!

Nuno stole the show!!!! Thanks to Rhianna for seeing the greatest talent in our lifetime and giving him some wicked solo’s to get some exposure.

Nice one, Nuno! 😀

What an absolute legend!

Way to go Nuno, as awesome as ever, and may I add, as hot as ever!!

soy de argentina Rosario, el disco nuevo es excelente, espero que giren por aqu{i muy pronto

Well, to be honest – she’s kind of lame in this performance and the guitar doesn’t suit her at all, BUT — you, Nuno, you are just great and rocked the show !!!

I don’t have to say out loud what everyone already knows, doesn’t it? But, honestly? How could you stole my heart again?! You ROCK!

Nuno meus parabens!!! Sou muito sua fã, e fico muito feliz em saber que seu taleto esta sendo usado em coisas Maneiras, Eu não gosto muito da Rihanna mais vc simplesmente ABALA ♥
pra mim você é um dos maiores guitarristas do mundo…
Um Beijo da sua fã brasileira…
Se Alguém souber se o extreme tem twitter me avisa!

You did great, Nuno, as always. Nice guitar, btw, that you designed for Rihanna. Love it. I’m so excited to be seeing the first show of the tour in Antwerp Friday night. From what you said in your interview Wednesday, I think I’m in for a real treat! Travel safe and see you soon!


Hey! Only 6 days before the punchline (TakeUsAlive Dvd)…! My TV will burn!
But… no info on the site…?!?! No way, it is pre ordered!

Bruno from France

she must have stayed up all night to write the lyrics . why are all these talentless screaming harpies so famous??
got nice arse I guess.

Nuno, good work and yea, great solo. So when your done touring with her, maybe you and the guys COULD MAKE YOUR FUKING WAY DOWN TO AUSTRALIA, PLEASE!!!!!!

That is one crappy song. 10 second wailing solo from Nuno doesnt make up for minutes of that dross.

Dude, Awesome as usual! Fully with Romeo but! Got to see Nuno in Sydney a few years back and that was brilliant!!!! Get down here guys! AUSTRALIA is calling dudes!!!

I have managed to get 2 free tickets to the Radio 1 Big weekend event in North Wales. Hoping that Nuno will be there with Rhianna. If not Ill propably have to listen to hours of drab music with no silver lining!!

just got back from the Rihanna show at the o2 arena london; it was brilliant
,nuno rocked…Amazing special thanx
to nuno for noticing me at the front.. extreme fan 4eva

I watched this on Idol some chick shrieking about being a ‘Rock Star’, and I only saw one on Stage… Nuno keep rock’n man.

I love you nuno,

Well, I did get to see Rhianna at the radio 1 big weekend. I have to say it was a load of tosh, I got to see and hear a bit if Nuno magic but not nearly enough to drown out the pain of listening to Rhianna. Can’t wait for another REAL performance when Extreme tour again.

Hi guys I just don’t seem to get it… are the guitars plugged in??? I couldn’t help noticing that…

Sadly, most of the people in the crowd probably haven’t got the foggiest notion that one of the best guitarists ever was in their midst. I’m guessing Seacrest and the judges were probably clueless also.

Hi from Madrid¡¡¡

Nuno fantastic in Rock in Rio Madrid with Rihanna ……

Hi Nuno, I just bought your new live album “take us alive”, and I love it! as usual you guys are incredible!
I confess I don’t like Rihanna’s music at all, it sucks when compared to Extreme, Dramagods, Mourning Widows and your Solo projects, you are a genius! your music fells like magic to me! Although I don’t like her music, she’s very famous and I hope you get the exposure and recognition that you deserve by playing with Rihanna… In my fan/ guitar player opinion I consider you one of the top 10 guitar players in the world! Portugal and specially the Azores are very proud of you!
Um abraço da tua terra, Ilha Terceira, Açores!

P.S. – By the way the best part of the song is your Solo, can’t wait to see you guys (Extreme) live again!

I was surprised that Ryan didn’t mention that Nuno’s name as an introduction. Rihanna doesn’t do much for me, in fact her vocals are lame as best – but as usual – Nuno went out there and tore it up! Nice job and hope to see Extreme with new material and tour soon! The last tour was INCREDIBLE!

I don’t really like Rihanna’s singing at all. And this song being mediocre at best… But I do like seeing Nuno shred anytime!!

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