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On behalf of Extreme, we deeply apologize for the Australian tour postponement. We were so excited to comeback to Australia, and the news has not only disappointed you, our fans, but there is nobody more disappointed than the band! Extreme, management and the promoter worked very hard to make these dates happen but for reasons outside of our control, we all agreed that rescheduling the tour would make the most sense.

We acknowledge that some of you made travel arrangements. We regret any inconveniences this may have caused, and will hopefully be able to make it up to you. We will let you know as soon as our new dates are confirmed. Thanks again for your unwavering support and we promise to see you again.

– Gary

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  1. luci

    Ours was so nice of you gary apologize and give satisfaction to their fans fans of extreme I think the fans were happy with it australia congratulations for his attitude, but do not forget that here in Brazil you have many fans who knows you catch the show here in Brazil heinh? nuno came here in Brazil and he promised that he would return excited we are waiting for you here in sao paulo has several cool places to play extreme not forget the people

  2. Elise

    Thank you so much Gary, it feels so good to have news from the band and to be sure that it’s really just a scheduling problem. This is very reassuring. We’re waiting for you also in France, or anywhere else in Europe, whenever you want !! But the sooner the better :). And in meantime, take care for now guys.

  3. Steve

    Thanks for taking the time to write a few words, Gary. We all got worried there quite a bit, after hearing rumors. Let’s hope for the Oz fans that things get worked out soon – take the time, get things settled, perhaps finish the new album and then go on a full global tour. Europe (and Australia, and the US, and South America, and …) are all waiting for ya…

  4. Max

    Gary, you’re the greatest, man! Thanks so much for putting some of the confusion to rest. I know a lot of the fans (myself included), felt a disconnect between Extreme and the forum/Facebook page. I hope you’re doing well, and that your and your bro have fun with Hurtsmile 2!

  5. Andrea

    Gary, we hope that all it’s ok, and we hope you come back soon on studio to record your new CD.. In many interview you say that there are so many songs written for the new cd but now, many of your fans, don’t believe it. Please come back to be Extreme! We love you and we miss you do much!

  6. Isabel

    We want to see then in Argentina, please! Hope you can reprogram the dates of Australia and the rest of the tour is a success. You are great!!

  7. Dani Lafetá

    Dear Gary Why don’t you think about BRASIL?!!! You have 100000 fans here including myself!
    Bless ya!

  8. Miguel

    Extreme its my favorite band.. I was 13 Years old when i play for first time “its a monster” with my guitar.. Im from venezuela, I will marry in march and for the honeymoon had planned our trip to Australia to go to see the band of my life.. not imagine my sadness when i see the tweet with the canceled message . I hope to have the chance to see extreme on tour soon and perhaps closer to my continent .. greetings to all

  9. Jacky

    Well, since everyone else is naming your to-do countries, here, I’ll join the trend and hope: Belgium! ^^

  10. Colin Forster

    Nooooooooo – I was revolving my whole year around the Adelaide gig – a backstage pass for the return can only appease me :)

  11. Jason

    Thanks for the time to write a comment Gary. However I cannot understand why my earlier comment has disappeared from the website. You called your new band Hurtsmile but I believe this to be “Hurtful”. I have followed Extreme for over 20 years and besides Queen consider your music my ears have had the pleasure to hear. If you were truly “rescheduling” in Australia why are there no new dates? Can you put the rumour to bed that poor ticket sales were the reason for the cancellation? It is the only info three booked venues (I was attending) have told me. Australia deserves the bands honestly. We are mature enough to take it.

  12. AndyD

    Guys…really appreciate the response and hope to hell it is the honest reason. If you do come here, please make the utmost effort to have Richie tour as well. It was the double bill from heaven and I was going to travel to more than one gig
    I just hope the continuing rubbish from Ox promoters towards Heavy rock bands didnt get in the way of this gig

  13. Shauna

    As I don’t live in Australia I don’t know what rumours are going around. I do know that here in the UK it looks like Nuno was going to have to be in two places at once! Don’t mind Nuno playing with Rihanna as it gives us more opportunities to see him play but if it interferes with Extreme,priorities need to be looked at.

  14. Mori

    I already forgave them (I lost more than $300 for flight tickets so please get me say small complain..) but yeah Rihanna’s show has set on the days which Extreme supposed to come to AU…if still Nuno is playing with her, the reason which is canceled AU tour is just double booking..
    So You have to come back to AU ASAP Extreme! We
    Will wait for you.

  15. Hmann

    Ok it looks like it might be Rihanna’s fault for the cancelation,so she owes us. How can she pay us back? How about if she sings on the new Extreme album? I think that would be cool! Nuno make it happen. What do you guys think?

  16. Andrea

    I don’t care if Rihanna sing in next Extreme album! I want back my favourite band! Please don’t leave us alone!!!!

  17. Shauna

    Rihanna has nothing to bring to extreme. They are extremely talented and don’t need her. As a very dedicated fan of extreme I’m not a Rihanna fan. I go to her gigs to see Nuno,I certainly wouldn’t like to go to an extreme gig and see her. I look forward to seeing extreme tour with their new album and put the Rihanna stint in the past!

  18. Dave Green

    Boys like most fans I am a long time follower. The two musical loves of my life are Extreme and Van Halen. I have followed Nuno through each one of his incarnations with great interest.

    Disappointing, however I am sure that you will keep you word as your word is all that you have. I am not interested in the rumour mill. If you say you are coming back then we take those words as gospel.

    I would like to introduce my son to a real gig so please reschedule.


  19. Jason673

    G’day, hope you can still keep Newcastle gig on the new list of dates. We get spoilt we great band like your self’s in this region. Yours is one I don’t want to miss!

  20. Yami

    It could be rhianna she has another tour coming hopefully she doesn’t take nuno this time i ache when I see her performing and nuno isn’t in the spotlight and I love rhianna that’s my hommie but I’ve loved extreme since I was a little baby girl and I’m so star struck every time I see extreme To me they are a way bigger deal than rhianna .let me put it this way to see rhianna I have to smoke and when I see extreme sober I feel like I swallowed a pound lol

  21. montsi

    Oh!what a pity the Australian Tour have been postponed.
    I dont believe, like i have read in some comments here,the reason is due to the low sale of tickets. I think the cancellation possibly may be because in the month of April, the Extreme tour coincides with the tour dates of Rihanna. But i am sure Nuno,Gary,Pat & Kevin will find new dates for the Australian tour very soon. Only it’s necessary to have a litle patience, the wait will be worthwhile:)
    Much love from Spain to EXTREME, especially to NUNO, the best guitar player of the world!!!

  22. Paul D.

    Nuno, hurry up with this RiRi gig. Its kool seeing you on tv and all, but you’re missing one main thing…The rest of the band. You guys need to drop a new album and go on tour. None of us are getting younger. We were so excited when the new album dropped after 13 years. I dont think we can wait that long again. Bring back extreme!!!! USA baby

  23. Nicole

    I’d love for you, extreme to come to New Zealand in the future and sing for my wedding??

  24. Jeroen

    Just wondering if you’ll ever do a gig in the Netherlands again, or anywhere near the Netherlands for that matter :) Nice spamming btw tobyn O.o

  25. Kevin

    Thanks Gary. Hoping the band have some music coming out soon. One of the “BEST” bands I’ve heard. Been some time since Saudades de Rock so we can’t wait to hear some fresh material. All the best.
    From Yeovil, UK

  26. Jonas

    Gothenburg, Sweden!!!!!!

    When I met you guys at the meet @ greet after the show in Gothenburg 1992 you promised to be back :) it’s been 21 years!

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